We All Need GOD

Blog NO. - 45

Date - 6 May 2018

My young days were days of belligerence and revolt and hardly believing in God. I often challenged to show me a live God and ready to confront. There were no challenges and I had uncontested victory.


In 80, I joined GCRI, in dept. Of gynec. Oncology. Every day we faced an inevitable eventuality and confronted myself with , whether I am doing right by hours of meticulous surgery or postoperative chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Am I increasing even a day in patient's life, not to talk about quality of life!


I started introspection. Is the disease as per philosophy of Karma? By doing surgery, am l challenging this theory? If there was a God , why he put a disease in first place and then ask me to cure ? I found all these rubbish and unconvincing. One day l thought of leaving in search of truth. On that fateful day, we did a heroic 8 hours cervical cancer surgery and 8 bottles of blood , with postop. Ventilation. The surgery was so complicated and session so stormy , that nobody expected her next morning. Whole night I had a fear receiving sad news. In morning round , patient was comfortable and responding. Miracles do happen.


Then I started analysing every thing , from getting up to going to bed, and I realised my perfectionism was often challenged and rerouted to save me from a moment of despair and disbelief. I started visiting a temple. Yes. There was a crafted stone named God, but it was only representative symbol of faith.


We all need a God. An omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent. One who cares for his creation. One in whom we believe. One who every moment guides and we try to follow


One which tries to correct, but we are confused. One who shows a path of happiness and we subvert. Leave it on God and OMG are our acceptance of limitations.


How to achieve a God ? How to be near Him ? How to listen Him?


Should I be a saint , should I be a follower of a religious belief? Who will show me a path of truth and healing? Whom to ask in hours of confusion and crisis? Are there any mentor or guide to help?


There is easiest solution. There is no need of salvation. No need to renunciate and be sadhu, No need to even visit temples. No need to search for a Guru.


When you have accepted him to be omnipresent, He is with you , within you. I am sure, He is there deeply seated in You! You may ask for a proof. I have many for myself. Let me show you His presence and His guidance. Analyse your day, how many times you deviated from your routine and changed, and who changed that course of action? God, of course! Your sudden desire to meet a place or person, to change profession or property, to change clothes and cars, even change of toothbrush and pen , eventhough thought to be mechanical, is not so...............


How to realise? You don't have to travel to Himalaya . You sit or stand cool and calm . Talk to self. Am I need to do This? Am I need to go? Am I need to ? Believe me , He will answer. He will respond. And you will follow for the true happiness of life. Talking to God can be a brief session in early morning or before retiring or anytime. Put your most difficult question, problem or situation and I am sure, He will guide you. It is upto you to accept the solution as guided by Him or revolt. Revolt is a painful journey ahead, and only you are responsible for the consequences. Let your ego melt, let your compassion prevail, let money should not bring miseries, let your desire to see everyone happy start from you


Let us talk to God today.


You are not late. Your path is clear.


Dr Ajay Shah


Date - 6 May 2018