Remembering Mother

Blog NO. - 46

Date - 13 May 2018

A female medical representative visited me , giving me a colourful brochure reminding me , that 13 th May is Mother's day. I jovially requested that why every minute of life be called Mother's minutes? If I wish to forget , I have hundreds of excuses to do so but none to forget my mother.


All poetic writings praising MAA ( MOTHER) are truthful depiction and faithful presentation, yet to be challenged or create controversies. Maa is a Maa ( Jananini jod sakhi nahi male re lol.) But today I wish not to remember her for her unconditional love and highest standard of sacrifice , but my failure to reciprocate. And remember , she never expected.


When sick, rushing to doctor, When weak, rushing to teacher, when injured, fighting a stranger, when hungry, fulfilling demands, When growing up brought challenges, she always pampered and protected. She convinced your father and many adversaries.


For her , you were everything. Not to remember her for every day nitty gritty of wakeup, to break fast , to towel clinging in bath, to iron out clothes, to complete home work, to pick you up from school or classes and send you for hobby classes and oh, God, the list goes on and on..........


Even when grown and married , her one sided love affair continues. She still care for you. Your smallest pain and pleasure is felt by her. For whole life of her , you are never grown. She thinks, you are always a learner and she your care taker. Rightly said that God couldn't be every where and so He made Mothers.


Most of us have many many memories of our beloved Mothers. Few lucky friends do have opportunity to be with Mothers. But I am yet to come to a term to find a way to celebrate Motherhood and thus pay homage to my Mother.


1. I am lucky to be an obstetrician, to create Mother and part of a happy beginning. I always see her happy whatever may be my worries. You can help a Mother, in your capacity.


2. Support a Mother in her pursuit to get justice.


3. Sacrifice a space in a bus, in a que, in all places where she needs priorities.


4. Donate and distribute in the noble cause of Mother Healing, may be an old age women's home, Terminally ill women's health care centres or centres looking for empowering women and mothers.


5.Pray for the wellbeing of the Mothers world over, particularly countries where wars are fought and feminine strike.


If you think truthfully, not rewarding and reciprocating your Mother, it is time to do same for Mothers all over the world. A mother is in your vicinity and needs your care, devotion and sacrifice.


Happy Mother's Day.


Dr Ajay Shah


Date - 13 May 2018