When Past Is Present

Blog NO. - 49

Date - 3 June 2018

Next week end will be a pleasant surprises of down the memory lane , when NHL Group meets in Cleveland, Usa. My desire to be a surprise visitor washed out by an acute attack of viral infection and its aftermath. But friends are friends and wish everyone a most memorable stay , full of happenings and happiness. My best wishes.


This reminds me a story where an old aged man remembering the past and evaluate and find out it to be better than present. Why we love our past? Why we all love the great HEROES of yesterday, Raj, Dilip, Dev and heroines Meenakumari, Madhubala, Wahida or Sadhana. Why we still sing those old songs and be delighted.


Even remembering school and college days are a refreshing moments. Those long side burns and double barrel Pents and Rajesh Khanna style Kurta, who will forget?


And our college days were the most happenings of the life! If you start remembering all those students vs teachers and students vs students, bouts of love and hate , action and reaction, passion and compassion, I thing next weekend will be a very very short one! Yeh dosti, hum nahi chhodenge!


Today I wish to bring you, a summary of ten golden observations which even today serve an aroma of memories in today's world!


1.Nothing can be replicated and never your past.


2. Memories are a mix platter of sweet and sour , we accept it.


3. Yesteryears were present with less selfish motives , and hardly touched by money! So were beautiful.


4. There is an unequal distribution of joy and sorrow in yesterday. The joy, even of a shortest time , is long lasting.


5. Even in separate groups, we were together and present as a one class . This is a bond of internal harmony.


6. As searching truth is the final goal of spiritualism , searching happiness was prime concern of younger days of college.


7. The student days are less of studying , but about worrying. We love targeting, never bargaining.


8.More than study, there are so many happenings bringing pleasure of longer duration, sports, annual days, no mood strike and what not!


9.There are full proof rights of a classmate about a bench in class, a chair in library, a seat in a bus , and everyone enjoys!


10.The class is of different names and surnames, different caste and creeds, different languages and clothings, different thoughts and Gods, different attitude and gratitude and yet all were together presenting a single class.


Long live memories.


Long live friendship.


Dr Ajay Shah


Date - 3 June 2018