Friends For Ever

Blog NO. - 50

Date - 10 June 2018

I SO often hum a popular song sung by Mukesh, my favourite singer and picturised on my dream hero, Raj Kapoor, Kisiki muskarahatope ho nisar, Kisika dard mil sake to le udhar, Kisike vaste ho tere dil me pyar, Jina usika naam hai.....


My childhood story of a boy who dies mysteriously but loved by all his classmates and hostel friends, coming to help each and every in need of hours invisibly.


And in my journey of past 66 years , have many stories of visible and invisible friends who have helped immensely and I bow down my head, telling them Shukriya.


Earlier in my blog, I have compared life to a train journey , where people come , be friends and get down , say a good bye.


And you cherish the beautiful memories of a passage which is created by God and crafted by destiny. I become so happy to see a person helping another at airport, railway stations, malls, and many visible friends who stand bye, ignoring difficult situation, and help a friend in need of hour.


It is easy to have a get to gather of healthy and happy friends and all gather to bedside of an ailing friend.


Life is a big production house, where one release is awaited, anticipated and often appreciated . Till another realese get ready. Our final journey too is , similarly anxiously awaited, And fate would make it, least loved incidence in friends ' lives.


How to be hero amongst friends, or in inspiring idol amongst all near and dear:


1. True to be an ideal person, Be cool , calm and composed.


2. Anger is not your friend, so bury .


3. All have no equal length and breadth of understanding. So bring down yours, rather than expecting others to raise.


4. Present yourself in most honest , simple and down to earth attitude and never reflect your money or equally tuned up life style. It is perishable.


5. Your presence in crisis is hundred time more precious than a courtesy call.


6. Don't loose an opportunity to call a friend wherever and whenever you have remembered.


7. Allow yourself to present the old memories at every available place without hurting anybody.


8.wishes for birthday, marriage anniversary and promotion and children 's successes are worth, if you have sound memories.


9.In my favourite OSHO's words, live every single day as your last day of life, then truly you have lived. No enemy , only friends .


No hatredness, only pure love.


Kindness, compassion, sympathy and empathy. You have only a day with you, then why not to love everyone?


My friends, I am with you, visibly and invisibly.


Dr Ajay Shah


Date - 10 June 2018