Waiting For A Truth

Blog NO. - 51

Date - 17 June 2018

A song most popular in my younger days and still having a soft corner, is VOH SUBHHA KABHI TO AAYEGI. I sang the song many times but never realised the poet's words were a simplistic desire , ever to be fulfilled.


People talk of an evangelistic attitude and Satyug in very near future. Not only Hindu mythology , but other religions too impart a vision of the coming good days for everyone. ACHHE DIN TO AYENGE. And in search of these good days of life, every body passionately try harder and there are politicians and religious leaders ready to make them believe. Sadly we see the silly and shabby end of the careers of these so called gurus and politicians. So forget Asharam Ram rahim and Dantiwala, or Rahul and NAMO , there are an endless list of the people ready to make you believe an impossible imagination.


Why we become fools of ourselves so often and never learn a lesson? There are two reasons:


1. Most of the people are an unhappy lot with fewer materialistic joy and their own attempts to improve their lives , are miserably failed.


2. The imaginary optimism created by self, gurus and politicians , so to pamper an unfinished desire.


So where is the sat - yug and when the world will be a ball of eternal happiness and everyone truly blessed! The fact finding mission to unearth realities of the life are:


1. There are no gurus and political leaders capable to bring peace and prosperity on this planet. They are here for ashort trip of selfish motives and to fool you in a make- belief of0 impossible.


2. No historical fact finding documents are yet to show when the era of truth and happiness will start. It is more a fantasy than reality.


3. No God is going to descend down to dear earth for sat yug. And no man is born to rule the earth and make it heaven.


There are some simple rules to follow to make your life happier and earth a respectable place to live:


1. Accept your life as it is and believe it to be best..


2. Spread happiness and share joy and support the needed.


3.Be honest, dedicated and disciplined. Put hard work and sincere efforts to any work.


4. All people on this earth are here to live a happy and healthy and dignified lives and I willdo my best to help them.


5.I will not have impossible dreams and will not utilise my energy and resources to complete them.


6. I will livea simplistic , minimalist life and never do anything to disturb or distort anybody's life.


7. To make this earth , an imaginary place of happiness, I will respect the resources and use it responsibly. Will live happily with neighbours, will never fight a war and respect the nature!


It is in our hands to start a new world order , and a happy, healthy and peaceful life for everyone.


Dr Ajay Shah


Date - 17 June 2018