Reverse Mortgage

Blog NO. - 53

Date - 1 July 2018

My friend retired years ago , came to discuss reverse mortgage. It was easy to understand. Normally when We buy a home on loan , we pay EMI , at the end of stipulated period EMI is completed and you become owner of the house.


The scenario is different in reverse mortgage, where you own house and you mortgage your house and get a lump some amount to run house and enjoy till your last day. Not so complicated.


In life, there are enough opportunities to reverse and win the battle. Consider the mortgaging your house if need arises for liquidity or a major health problem. It is the best solution in given circumstances.


The reverse mortgage teaches us life's lessons, where to slow down , when to slow down and if signals are ignored where and when to reverse.


Life is an unpredictable journey , which is difficult to plan early. The dreams for the life at younger age , are often painful in older age. A 5 bedroom villa at 40 is a burden at 60. A cupboard full of ornaments and a garage full of cars, are a big botheration. Hundreds of shares and mutual fund portfolio are difficult to scan every day. So there are two ways of living life, a fast lane one, fulfilling dreams of materialistic world without full stop and second one planned one , to smooth sailing without major hiccups. And in both you have adjustment of later day life, The reverse mortgage.


The philosophy of the reverse mortgage teaches us life's lessons of how , when and where to stop , to slow down and if possible reverse. There are enough signals shadowing possible consequences of the coming events, which only a fool would ignore. The need of hour is to stabilise and progress. We are reversing our physical aspiration for physical need, Not for a spiritual journey which never needs reversal.


The reversal of ageing is not far away. It is a short story of long telomere which money can buy. Till the fictional immortality becomes a reality tomorrow,


Buy happiness and be happy.


Dr Ajay Shah


Date - 1 July 2018