Blog NO. - 56

Date - 22 July 2018

I have hardly met anyone in my life, never challenged by an identity crisis. Yes, few were reluctant to accept and few could find the term inappropriate for their problems.


Well, there is a fear psychosis and or ego clash in either of them!


A psychoanalyst coined a disruptive condition of self in regard to character,goal, aim , achievement as identity crisis.


Identity crisis is a period of uncertainity and confusion in which a person 's sense of identity becomes insecure due to change in the expected aims or role of the society


A dull student or a handicapped one find going tough.


An average looking girl searching a partner and a beautiful girl aspiring to be a beauty pageant face a same crisis. An inefficient person and highly skilled have same problems in job perspectives. An individual entrepreneur and a business partner often find going tough. An incumbent shy housewife and a tough task masker mother-in-law, when challenged. A pet person and a harassed one do end up same, one for fear loss and another for gain. A selection in love, marriage or divorce or an election of expected may go awry. These examples are enormous.


I have enough of crisis of identity myself. As a student , perform or perish, when in job, favourite or otherwise, when started a business partnership, being better or side tracked.


And everything in life seemed to be settled, a crippling health problem stared at you like a foe. So identity crisis never ends......


Simple solution to a difficult problem.


1. Belief in the self is the first step.


2. Never allow to wait to a relationship to selfcorrect.It never happens.


3. Decision making should be your prerogative, not the opposition.


4. Corrective steps should be in a fixed time frame.


5. Personal happiness is a paramount and should not be compromised.


6. Never repent a decision in given time and circumstances.


7.Forget and forgive and progress in achievement, should be your victory call.


Best wishes for the identity makers


Dr Ajay Shah


Date - 22 July 2018