Do You Love Yourself?

Blog NO. - 4

Date - 6 Aug 2017

65 years of kaleidoscopic life is difficult to visualise in few minutes, but it is easy to summarise in few paragraphs.


Let me try.


There are beautiful memories of childhood and mischievous teenage, many things will even today bring a notorious laugh and equally suspicious blink in the eyes


Then most pleasant and happier era of romance started. The exuberance of high profile hormonal race look like never ending orgasmic plateau.


The trap years of God started now. You planned a maƕriage , a good job and family, a gamble of terrific triple troubles. The most challenging years of draining all energies which will saw the seeds of old age. In Osho's words sex se Samadhi tak.


And came the stage of trouble shooting, making the aged parents comfortable and cured of diseases, caring children for higher studies or preparing their marriages and adjusting in new phase of the exhaustion .


The real challenge is now.


The parents have gone upward, children's have gone sidewards , and you for the first time life , seems a path downward.


Few friends, fewer handshakes, and very few Hallo!suddenly you feel outdated, out lived , with complexity of confusion.



  • (1) Have time to talk to you.
  • (2) Enjoy the past , down the memmorylane.
  • (3) Laugh all alone or cry on your shoulder.
  • (4) Wear the best of clothes, even if funniest for age, visit a fast fòod joint , you always wanted to.
  • (5) Had a hobby in college days but couldn't complete. It is now time. If you had none , develop one.
  • (6) Don't live shabby. Decorate home , drive new car, reach new destinations at every opportunity .
  • (7) It is time to complete the agenda, all hidden - even to your life partner.
  • (8) There are speakers need listeners, there are movies need audiences, there are good joints need foodies and there are tv channels showing scientific searches, you always wanted to see but had no time.
  • (9) Dont repent. Don't be sorry. Don't be spiritual to hide a guilt. Don't be angry. Don't be egoistic. Appreciate others, you may need them.Donate if you desire.
  • (10) live a minimalist life. Your birth suit is ready for your final journey which has a fixed date. Well , there are a lots of things told about the life beautifully by spiritual masters ; but don't spoil the remaining years complicating YOUR OWN LIFE.




Happiness and satisfaction are the hallmarks of life. Choice is yours.


Have a beautiful Sunday

Dr Ajay Shah