Blog NO. - 58

Date - 5 August 2018

I am passionately involved in relationship and all did not bloom but yes, every relationship proved a point in my life. Whether the nostalgia remembering the old golden days, catapulted a scene of sobery or exaltation, the end result was tears in the eyes. We all have hundreds of episodes of life often come forward spontaneously.


Those days , we were waiting for a tomorrow to come, even though the day was fully occupied amongst friends , enjoying every minute of the life. The days were writing letters , calling on landline or just reaching friend's home on bicycle .And every moment was celebrated like tomorrow never comes.


When we grew, we had different groups of friends, residential, school, college, professional and hobby friends. We could maintain a different degree of relationship with each group. Even in some groups , we had opinions problems and grew a distance. At times our ego problems erupted. Nobody was wrong and nobody was right . And friendship was sacrificed.


And then comes , ageing and difficulties in maintaining friendship and friends. Your ageing prevented you to move fast and God thought otherwise for few friends and called back. We all have memories to live with.but if opportunity is created to meet a friend , it is another memorable day.

Wishing all friends, a healthy and happy days ahead


Dr Ajay Shah


Date - 5 August 2018