Blog NO. - 59

Date - 12 August 2018

Being obstetrician, whenever delivering twins, common questions asked by relatives are, Are they looking same, weighing same, will grow same etc......


It is easy explaining uniovular and binovular twins but guarranting them same , even in uniovular twins, is a difficult task. I have seen so many grown up twins , behaving differently.


I am a mirror reader and often find myself a different person. I see it as a twin phenomenon. How often we think one way, Speak other way and behave third way, absolutely contradicting self. Even our mirror image is different than a self. We all have same double standards of living, the self and self. The fight goes on.


Twinning effects are superior human traits if thinking, speaking and behaving , being same. But we are not saints of sublime spirituality and our behaviour often reflect need of hour. How to be same , twinning effect , few are the tips :


1. Never pretend, truth wins


2. Correct self, apologise


3. Win hearts , by correct deeds


4. Accept inconvenience


5. Refuse a work, you don't like.


6. Never complicate a matter by adding lies.


7. Approach with facts, don't hide


8. Love self , self-esteem, and thoughts


9. Work what you like.


10. Greatness is simplistic, uncluttered life, manage it.


Leave the mask of hypocrisy and enjoy.


Dr Ajay Shah


Date - 12 August 2018