Blog NO. - 61

Date - 26 Aug 2018

The first time in my life at a tender age of ten , I saw a beautiful girl around same age in a marriage. I enthusiastically started serving water( elders did not allow youngers to serve food)

I was so blind not to see her full glass and poured water. She reflexly touched my hand and said , oh no. Those days "sorry " word was not commonly used and I said so by catching my ear. Her touch did not allow me to sleep that night.

A week back in my clinic , a lovely five year old girl of my patient, when I tried to be friendly , said , (Tamne aek sawal puchhu? Tame love karo chho?) May I ask you a question, have you fallen in love? Mother was little agitated and I was quite shocked. I simply smiled , couldn't answer..

That night before retiring for sleep, I went back in 60 years of kaleidoscopic flash back life and found to be many such touching moments of pure tender innocent love from a friend ..... It can be from mother , father , brother, sister ( today we all will witness) and relatives , all near and dear.

The touch has mesmerising power to reach heart and brain simultaneously and causing palpitations. The sensory sojourn is aptly responded palpitations. The sensory sojourn is aptly responded by blood flowing in face and tremors in the body. What a lovely feelings! The feelings of nascent love is individualist and often hard to express except you are a writer.

How often we all have shy smile on face on occasions of first love on seeing and touching. Not every one, we love at first sight, or have an innocent, accidental touch , are life partner or friends forever, it may be once in a life time moment and one need not be guilty to feel so inwardly or express outwardly. There is no remorse unhappiness. It is simply pure, innocent, tender love.




DT: 26.08.2018