Blog NO. - 64

Date - 16 September 2018

A physical ailing body lying on the bed , repurcating , occasional moving person and staff , jailed in the four white walls of a special room with a single window covered by inconspicuous curtain , leaving only space to glaze, was a white ceiling with a slowly moving fan.

I was staring all my living moments at fan and beyond. Eventhough a prayer in the heart to get well soon , my uninhibited dreams were breaking the ceiling and I was soul searching a sky and saw a fan hanging from the sky.

A fan, representing, the life 's happenings, the lessons self experiencing and self teaching.

What can best be depicting than life's many stories , ameliorating.

Yes. My life was on a slow speed, so soft and silent , cool breezing.

And the eyes were struck in bewilderment and adrenalined to see beyond, the sky , an uninhibited area of a thousand dreams. And fan started moving at a faster speed. Not very soon , the speed was at the top end , the sky was limitless. I started envying the slow starters , or non - starters whose career was limited to a fan in ceiling with a regulator on the wall. In every one 's life , there were checks and balances, the regulator. The events were shadowing balances, the regulator. The events were shadowing aspersions and the false belief of self rocketing in the sky, forgetting the hook that fixed fan to a ceiling. So the life needed a regulator as well as a hook. So the sky was a canvas of billions dreams to be painted. Everyone loved a fan fixed well, regulated well and aired the passion of life in the sky.


How to achieve?

1.Be well grounded. Your hook is your footing on realities.

2. Be well controlled. The regulator is destiny but controlling capacity is in your hands.

3. Believe in the dreams. Be passionate as the sky is the limit.