Blog NO. - 65

Date - 23 September 2018

There is not a single day in life, where there are moments of bloom or gloom. These so looking filmy or flimsy moments make or break my day. The ecstasy of the event may be short lived but worth stimulating. So when a friend asked me whom do you believe? I had a momentary silence. If I answered sarcastically

ME or NONE.. He would have interpreted my egoistic personality, which is never never so.

So I asked a counter question, You believe in what? And he listed some Gods and Goddesses and enumerated a cocktail of the motivational gurus and speakers.

Now once again, he asked me the same question and without a pause , I answered "myself. "

There are so many occasions in our life , when things go wrong and we fumbled to secure a right decision to be victorious. We need help and whosoever help achieving our goal , is our motivation factor.

Not necessarily, only a human being can help , even your past experiences can be a good motivating factor.

There are so many gurus, self styled motivational speakers and religious groups who help mankind speakers and religious groups who help mankind from a probable deteriorating situations or console from your weakness and advised a healing hand of the time. What else they have done?

Show me a guru who has truthfully converted a man's unfortunate misery into a unbound happiness! They wilfully exploit our weaknesses and answer the most evasive pattern.

I have in search of truth , heard videos of such gurus having live interaction with their disciples.

I am yet to find some eternal solution.

An example: a young woman in forties, complained about an ever disturbing mother in law and drunkard husband. The guru in nonchalant way heard patiently , asked her to keep quiet and promised that God will look after her. I was simply annoyed at the guruvani. These kind of conciliatory tones could be found with friends, neighbours and even unknown passerby.


So what to do when you are trapped in no confidence motion for self.

1.Be your own guru. Be torch bearer for self.

2. Believe in self. Your trust in self will definitely avert a crisis.

3. Discuss a complicated matter or crisis with trusted friends, caring relatives for a solutions.

4. A professional opinion may help treating underlying anxiety and depression and may not allow to take a decisive action.

5. If a belief is your weakness , believe in God , not gurus , as a carved stone will not do any harm , definitely not molest nor rape.

6. Self-motivation is supreme character of challenged people.


Tu Tara dilno diwo thane........