Blog NO. - 66

Date - 30 September 2018

I still practice in a place which was our resid‐ ence. I grew up here and have all nostalgic memories of yesteryears. I remember my days as a young playing a street cricket, breaking glass in a neigh‐ bourhood and learning bicycle and falling on a fat lady washing clothes in a chokdi. Every time I made a mischief , my mother would come to help..and if matter worsened my mostly unavailable father would enter the hot field to douse the burning inferno.

If I start writing what they did to grow us, with limited resources and social compulsions , and the efficient ways to manage meticulously all their children , we were five, I just have no words to praise them. Mother was a full time housekeeper, cleaning the house, cleaning clothes, ironing them , cooking for all twice, washing the utensils , dropping us at school gate and at night , stand in que at family doctor 's clinic for a child 's sickness. Who else but a mother can do all ?

Father's roll in upbringing their children is not as great as mother's, but nonetheless inferior. For feeding half a dozen family members, he worked very hard. He wore simple clothes but would definitely entertain all children for their clothes and all necessities of schools. He never complained for anything. He inspired all to be great , to be for anything. He inspired all to be great , to be independent and to study maximum.

When we started our careers, they would be still helping us. In the shadow of their ageing process , they were assets for us, our children and our house. And what was their demands, none. Only love, nothing but love. Your every move was observed by them , but hardly advised anything.

For many of us , they are living in our hearts and few lucky have still their presence lively. I every day bow my head to their photos and start my day. I have an innumerable examples of their generous help in shaping me , my career and my children. How to reciprocate their selfless sacrifices? None. We don't have anything worthwhile.


Still we can do something to make their memories alive today.....

1.If live, every morning, pay respect to them.If not live, their photos are worth our Gods.

2. Meeting their friends, still survivng and helping them.

3. Erecting a library or donating books , Erecting a cool water station for roadside by passers , Gifting umbrellas to poor in monsoon and blankets in winter.

4. A lunch or dinner on their birthday and death day at deaf and dumb school or at blind children school or school for disabled or any senior citizen homes

5. A corner of our house , be filled with their personal things, specs, watch, topi, stick and sari.


If God asked me to demand anything,, I will ask my If God asked me to demand anything,, I will ask my parents back.....


Emotionally yours