In Pursuit Of Happiness

Blog NO. - 5

Date - 13 Aug 2017

My past time in recent years, is to study what people of the world do to achieve happiness and what the world leaders do to make their people happy. Both the subjects are exhaustively lengthy and difficult to understand. I try to make little simpler.


I touch the second subject first, what our politicians and leaders , world over do to make us happy.


The simple answer is nothing , absolutely nothing. Shockingly on the contrary, they are the most irresponsible bunch of caretakers who never fulfill their duty diligently and make mess of already existing complex situation. The truth is bitter but worth understanding.

  • (1) The selected and elected representatives who form the government are persons, most often promoters of self - interest or ideology which has nothing to do with happiness of the general public at large.
  • (2) They usually promise an entire gamut of the things to be done which are fully based on the wrong perspection.They want to make us happy by promising so many things, free food, free education, cheap housing, jobs and affordable health care. Anyway, they want us to believe that they will make us happy.
  • (3) Now analyse their deeds. They are here to make us outright fools. The are basically home less, money less, jobless people. Once you elect , they start buying their happiness and that of family and friends. Their houses, their facilities, their jouurnies and life style are all like emperors. They were money less , so in pretext of making you happy , they start taxing you to fulfill never ending promises.
  • (4) To cover up , their inàbility to fulfill tall promises, for education, health, jobs, infrastructure and many other things, they are ready to ignite passion and problem. They know how to divide and rule. They will bring religion, caste,race, gender, or land , animals or mythology to make us fight. And lastly , if unsuccessful making us fools, they will wage a war against a neighbouring countries on name of patriotism. The neighbouring countries have also similar kind of leaders who want their own people fools.
  • (5) The final result is your unhappiness. The hard work, you did for your own education, your job or business , your home, your children 's education and family 's health, nowhere government came you helping. On the contrary, at many places , they make helping. On the contrary, at many places , they make your task difficult.
  • (6) The conclusion of the role of the government in making people unhappy and still wishing a miracle from them is because of inàbility to fight and fear of self damage. Because they are the rulers and all forces, police, bureaucracy, tax dept. Can be unleashed to hound and pound you and create a fear psychology amongst you to make you self protective. Take any country, study the situation and I promise , there are unhappy people all around. They all want sheer happiness of family, but all are fighting internally or externally, on name of race, religion, caste, gender and so many trival factors.



  • (1) There is no immediate quick fix solution. Because the prevailing situation is for more than 100 years.
  • (2) The simplest doctrine is to understand their moves and motives and counter attack them
  • (3) Their first policy is to get elected on false promises.You are an absolute majority , so start campaign to how and when .Challenge them on all available platforms media, social , print , tv etc. Be selective while voting. Teach and educate less educated and less privileged people, whom to vote and how to vote.
  • (4) Their second policy is to divide and rule, to hide their inàbility to fulfill promises. World over people have realised their rulers incompatibility and started have realised their rulers incompatibility and started uniting. Their agitation bring lakhs and lakhs people together. Their silent march on beautiful Sunday, non working day unitedly represent Their anger and aspirations. So Unite.
  • (5) Their inàbility to fulfill their all and tall promises can not be solved simply by election voting, Anti- campaign or peace march. The Gandhian approach to this is No work , No tax. As world over , tax paying population in any country is so small that their unity is not difficult.
  • (6) The last solution seems to me a futuristic but sound on the principle of tit for tat. Why these bunch of self-serving, corrupt, dishonest, immoral and insincere people rule us years after years - because now and then create FEAR amongst us thru various rules and regulations




If I talk of my country, India needs young and active truly patriot in mold of Shahid Bhagatsingh to eliminate the so called leaders governing us. The fear of eliminate them even socially , is enough to make them responsible. Because they Know their fates. Simply creating FEAR of elimination of politicians, bureaucrats and officials and their kith and kin socially and otherwise is ENOUGH.


You are an ocean and you should not afraid of filthy fishes.fishes. World over people want peace , prosperity and happiness , and they themselves have to achieve at their own terms and conditions.


This is beginning of a revolution.

Dr Ajay Shah