Blog NO. - 70

Date - 28 October 2018

My memory is fading and often failing to recognise, but strong enough to remember every little incidence related to my children. And this is a common perception. Every parent wants to forget not even trival happening related to their children.


I still remember taking my daughter to kg, primary and secondary schools and even dropping in college campus.l have still vivid memories of giving her bath and prepare to attend social gathering when her mom was busy. When five , she ran across the busy road, just to embrace me, without looking at the speeding vehicles. I must have lost few heart beats. Copying friends ' notebooks, satisfying their needs , even getting up at 2 am , just for a walk and how often writing a chit to class teacher about a sickness, you never knew.


And there were number of occasions , simply to cherish.


And one day they grew. Their vision was altered , their dreams incomprehensible, their future separating family and their selection, a lump in throat. There were hardly love talk , sparingly courtesy call and often silence to convey that you don't know. Yes, yes , my children have grown . I do have tons of memories to prove but none is ready to listen. Their memories to prove but none is ready to listen. Their childhood was ever exciting, innocent and lovable , while their adulthood ever challenging , calculated and arguable. I love them yet.


Yes, I have enjoyed every possible moment of my parenthood, even though, it was not an ideal one due to pressing professional commitments. But with God promise , I did best , what I can do for them.


Now there are days , you unilaterally remember them . When you try to contact, find them busy. Now they have their personal life and you are a platform barren after a moving train has left. With fading memories and physical limitations , the life is timeless.


I sit in a room , eyes staggered at a blind spot and just recover each and every moments of our life, Yes, my children , we parents remember you a lot and often miss you................


1. When children grow to be adult, you become children.

2. Is there any hidden agenda of expectations. Sabotage and be happy.

3. Maturity is identifying and accepting other individuals ' expectations. Are you matured enough?

4. Love binds and hate breaks. The unconditional love is a sign of matured parenthood.

5. Don't miss any opportunity to congratulate, convey pleasure, help adversity and call necessity. Positive pleasure, help adversity and call necessity. Positive emotions bring positive results.

6. Remember your parents. Have they ever complained! Dissatisfaction is mirroring inability of other's to make you happy. Don't make it realised.

7. Life is full of nostalgia. Cherish them. Enjoy them.





28. 10. 2018