Blog NO. - 72

Date - 11 November 2018

What is the greatest thing, a profession bring for you? No doubt, barring a commercial aspect, satisfaction and happiness is foremost and front runner. Why all time work hard and spend so many dear hours and minutes , doing a stereo type pattern, hardly befitting your nature or temperament?


It doesn't bring cheers to aggrieved family members whose many occasions were spoilt by your last minute unavailability. You never attended precious parents meet nor graduation ceremony. Neither you accompanied to zoo nor to a movie. You were so cruel not to hear your ageing parents' request for a minor ailment nor a last wish to visit a temple.


And your list of cruelties goes on, your hard working staff members, your relatives, your friends and lastly yourself. There are very few amongst us , who are different. Mostly still wonder , why an unhappy and unsatisfied soul survived so long and without a reason!


This Diwali , I was all alone in the house. This house , whose every corner, I wanted to correct, but I had no time. Now I have time but no inclination. I have many many sweet and sour memories and often find many corrections to give them different mode.


But alas, it is past and can't be corrected. So comes But alas, it is past and can't be corrected. So comes a list of mistakes , you have done , rightly or wrongly, intentionally or unintentionally. Now , you count your days well spent and not well spent. And soon you realise, wasting precious little left over days for gone days. Are we all sailing in a same boat, whose dream journey never ever accomplished! I am alone with few physical ailments. Mind is strong but not the meaningful body.From last many years, nobody visit house on Diwali and new year days. So no preparing dishes and arranging the house in order. There are very few phone calls on mobile and land line is practically dead. Yes plenty of forwarded messages to make you realise that you have still many friends and well wishers. But unfortunately the love , the care, the emotions and intimacy are not forwarded with these messages. I am alone and you are alone. We have become so selective and egocentric that our list of disliking is bigger. We wish to remain anonymous and hurt self and others. There is hardly a LinkedIn on Facebook worth twittering.


The most satisfying movements are few and far , all related to those unknown patients for whom you tried everything you know. You saved some lives, you gave smiles on some faces and you received a bottom of heart , thank you.


We all surronded by a veil of hypocrisy, if you are ok , then I will be ok. If you are not heard for long time, nobody will inquire. The jokes and messages go on and so is the life.......... and so is the life..........