Blog NO. - 73

Date - 18 November 2018

It was a small gathering of friends on weekend. The usual political gossips were not allowed and so somebody proposed a small narrative on my beautiful days. Everyone was happy but equally confused on the subject and what to speak . 


Should I speak my days with parents? Should I remember my childhood and street friends? Should I bring my college days and adrenalin rush? Should I palpitate my life partner 's cajoling ? Or should I cherish my days of becoming father myself? Should I remember my job days and days of eating together? Should I salute my growing old and having all luxuries? Or playing with grand children? The choice seemed to be difficult!


I was asked to speak. I weighted all con‐ sequences of speaking truth. What was that gave me eternal feelings of happiness and life long nos‐ talgia.? Was the sacrifice of my parents subdued if I selected something else or just plain refusal of my life partner, if I didn't credit for her sacrifice. I was a confused person. I was not a business tycoon nor a grand parent to understand happiness of those days. 


I said my beautiful days , were college days. I had an unlimited freedom , to speak , to study, to I had an unlimited freedom , to speak , to study, to dress, to move round, to enjoy friendship, to fall in love , to be a writer , a painter and an a mature pho‐ tographer, showing my talent in singing and dancing. And all these without an iota of responsibility ! No guilt, no complain , carefree attitude. No earning worries, no rearing worries. Plain pleasure. 


In my Alzheimer days, I will not forget the smallest incidence of college days or in my Parkinsonism , I will not forget the gentle touch of her. In my paralysed body , the thrill of games of college days will be intact. And my blind eyes will search for her on pretext of the books in the library. Wearing best fashion and speaking best words, showing extra ordinary politeness and palpitate with every praise, my joy was unbound. Truly my college days were most beautiful.