Blog NO. - 76

Date - 8 December 2018

It is around a six months and I am yet to get over excruciating pain of post herpetic neuralgia. All kinds of medical modalities failed to relieve and I was sceptical about surgical procedures. I am very obedient patient and my unresolved health problem made my doctor to feel sorry about. Truly speaking , we doctors know less about origin of complaints, even less about the diseases and least about the human body individually.So a cure is a magic. 


Coming back home in an uber driven car , I was just wondering, how often we feel sorry about. Sorry for spoken words unintentionally, sorry for misdeeds unintentionally and sorry for hurting unintentionally. 


If we emphasise correctly, we hardly feel sorry for our intentional words and deeds and when we realise , it is too late. Can we correct ourselves by saying that I am sorry? Or we simply console ourselves. Is it ok to say sorry and get exemption for self ?


I feel sorry is a most used word superficially without understanding it's true spirit. 


We often say , heartfelt sorry and really it should be. In Jainism, they call it MITCHAMI DUKKADAM means I apologise for the mind, words and deeds , intentionally or for the mind, words and deeds , intentionally or unintentionally. 


The sorry said for the thoughts, is highly spiritual. Sorry should be spontaneous and not calculated. Sorry should be sincere and not systematic. Sorry should be purposeful , pragmatic and powerful. Sorry should be from bottom of heart and not superficial.


Let us develop a habit of being transparent, truthful and temperamental in all our words and deeds. With our children, spouse, family members and friends and even unknown people, our primary purpose is not to hurt. Let us all remember that a life is a one time chance and should be well operated and well remembered .