The Dishonest Nation

Blog NO. - 6

Date - 20 Aug 2017

I am often intrigued to answer a simple question, what is the most worried character of humans, which make or mar a country 's building in a great nation.


When I was young , my father taught me that a nation is known by his people and each individual must be sincere, hardworking, dedicated, disciplined and honest.


These five character building qualities of people make a country great.


When I grew , I tried to follow and tried to imbibe in my children the same characters. But looking around , I saw a deterioration in this character building of nation.


I saw a sick nation, full of sick people.


Few days back , prior to independence day, I was watching, reading and hearing all the great about our nation 5000 years back. Rivers of milk, birds of gold and all good people. Instead of being nostalgic, I felt painful about present day scenario.


India is no more a great nation and it's people are awfully characterless. And if I find a biggest problem faced by the nation is the DISHONESTY.


I even consider dishonesty a more serious matter compared to corruption. Because to be a corrupt ,one has to be dishonest!


I give you few examples:


I travel same route daily by Rickshaw and the distance is exactly 2.8km , but I pay anything varying from 22 to 40 Rs.


I buy house hold from Reliance fresh ( I doubt anything fresh here and doubt cent percent of Mukesh Ambani's family ever buying fruits and vegetables from here.) Due to a long que, I check the shopped items and bill at home to find a discrepancy, most often an item is scanned twice or thrice.


Any bill payments in gov't. Institutions by cash and you are requested to forget change!


You are charged two times of mrp of any food items when visiting cinema theatres.


You buy or sell , but always afraid of dishonesty of opposite party.


You are also worried when you repair a car or cooker. There is a likelihood of dishonesty come in your way. Dishonesty in health and education is worst of its kind.Not even God can help.


I have counted 12 places in hospital and 6 places in a educational institution, where dishonesty raises its ugly head.These include issue of a case paper, getting a good bed, getting nursing care, buying medicines, paying bills and getting discharge.


Finding honest people for any purpose or project is next to impossible. Even I have contemplated dropping a social project because of the paucity of right kind of people , i.e. honest people


My wife often tells me sarcastically, that philosophy of principle of Karma, aptly works for her since she works all household chores as she can't get a honest people for the same. It is better to burn your fingers rather than heart.


There is not a single place or single incidence in your life in India , unaffected by the DISHONESTY. But if you are having an encounter with honesty, it will be cherished life long.I am sorry that this monsoon, I have to travel on broken roads of city, thanks to dishonesty of the road contractors.


The last question I ask myself, is there a way out? Can we make people answerable to their dishonest ways and means?


There are two things can be done:


Let the five life characters which I discussed earlier, hardworking, honesty, sincerity, discipline and dedication be part of every years ' curriculum while studying. Teachers and parents have long lasting impression on children.


Two, dishonesty to be punished in severe and serious way. The fear is the key


A nation building is not a political leader's prerogative but the desire of its people. Let us start self building. Let us pledge to be honest.


Dr Ajay Shah