Blog NO. - 77

Date - 16 December 2018

My elder daughter visited me recently and found me to live in heaps of non essential things. Those rooms where once she and her sister studied , are now huge dustbins where every things surplus or least used were dumped.


There were 35 different magazines from year 1975 , when I started as a collection hobby. Except an occasional glance , I never read or reread them. There were clothes of all members discarded but kept in high hopes of reusing once fashion returns. It never happened. Then there were heaps of utensils, dinner sets and glasses, large vessels to cook for many. Now we hardly call anybody at home for dinner or lunch and calling for a get together is nearly impossible. 


Then there were many gift articles, many even without unwrapping. And lot many things lying unused , bought on impulse buying . Then came a section of nostalgia, my old type writer, my first tv , my first study table, my wife's sewing machine and then children's schooling days memories. I don't count bicycles and scooters and car lying outside , getting weekly attention of a servant. There were innumerable things lying in house , never used. Family of five has become family of two but things were plenty. And I forget to mention store room and were plenty. And I forget to mention store room and maliyu., waiting for an auspicious occasion to open! My own cupboard was full of memory clothings. Zabbha of 70, bellbottom of 80, Round collars of 90 and so on . Fashion changes to a full circle, and we kept clothes in anticipation of future use! Alas , that day never came. 


This is a hoarding disorder and most of us are sufferers. Scientific studies mention a Neurochemical aberration responsible for this annoying disorder, it is subjected to great self shame and self pity and excuses were popping out when a guest accidentally visited home. 


How to cure ?

1. Self determination and self motivation are primary ffirst steps.

2. Give yyourself time. Say once a week or once a month.

3. Segregate and corner them and if possible label them.

4. Inform your family members about their belongings as you have no right to dispose of, without permission.

5. Make a list of beneficiaries. The orphan homes, the senior citizen homes and juvenile homes. Make a list of ngo and othere institutions accepting specified things. Example, library for books. And never forget your own staff members as And never forget your own staff members as beneficiery. They should be top in the list.

6. If you want to sell , there are good e-platform like olx and craig list.

7. The decluttering will bring home virtues of minimalism.

8. The joy of giving is great and the satisfaction and happiness are utmost and paramount.

Donation of unused materials give a hope to others for survivng and reviving.A smile on face of needy.


Share happiness.