Blog NO. - 78

Date - 23 December 2018

I always wished to be a free bird. A life of full freedom. Whenever I had an opportunity to see birds, l enjoyed their free spirit and envied often. They were free to do anything and everything.


There was no schooling , no big books and lessons. No ranking and no competition. No graduation and no earning responsibility. No marriage and no intelligent quarrels. No big dreams and no big house. No attachments big or small. No worries on health and hospitalization. At home, no TV, no fake news . No kitchen , nothing to prepare and clean.No bed to prepare and nothing to wash. No prayer and No last wish also.


So how much we missed by not simulating birds! A lot.


No worldly worries. Only pleasure. The truth of life is well taught by birds. A life of bare minimum requirement. Maximum adjustment and minimum interference. Love a lot and like a lot , hardly anything to dislike and displeasure. There are no ego clashes and no demand.


Simply watch a bird , coming your home uninvited. Will sit at a comfortable place and make pleasant noice. Will talk with friends and fly. If pleasant noice. Will talk with friends and fly. If you dislike and show your disliking, will go away , no complain, no agitation. No demand for food and water. Self management of every thing.So how good it is to be bird and independent?