Do you know, most of us select a doctor by hear say. The narrator who convinces us is either a friend, a relative or a neighbour. That is fine, because good doctors hardly advertise themselves!

The doctor who has years of experience, who listen to your complaints carefully, examines you respectfully is sympathetic, sincere and honest who writes a fewer tests and very few selected medicines which are effective rather than costly and smile and offer a get well soon.

He is worried if you are not well, he researches and discusses your problem and by another regimen. At every stage, he is your well wisher. He tries to remove your fear, allay your apprehension. He is not boasting his knowledge or experience.

He is well read, well balanced, well equipped, doing highest standard of ethical practice. He deserves from your side, uncompromised trust! Never doubt his conviction because he too needs inspiration, motivation and superlative words of faith and praise.